Gritty Soap Here!

TomOnBikeOkay, we’re new. Being new kinda sucks because nobody knows who you are. You could have the best stuff in the world and who would know? Nobody. I could write this post and ask you, our dear reader, to post and tell the world about us but in all likelihood, you don’t really give a shit. Who can blame you? We’re all bombarded with marketing crap all day long every day. It’s maddening. Gritty Soap wants to be different. We won’t be, but we want to. Does that count for anything? Probably not.

So here’s the deal. You came here. You saw this post. Buy some soap. Use it. If you like it, send us a pic, video and/or story about your gritty life and we will send you a free bar of soap of your choice. How do you know we will do this? Simple: we are new — the last thing we want is for you to be posting on other sites saying what assholes we are for not following through on what we said we’d do. Hell, chances are, we’ll do more than we said we’d do because we’re building a reputation here.

What do you say? Give us a try!

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