Terms and Conditions

Here are some plain English terms and conditions. We believe that if you want to hire a law firm and sue us, we will probably both end up bankrupt, but if we can all agree to be reasonable, we can help each other if something bad happens.

Limited Liability

We do our best to make good products, but accidents can happen and you could end up with a product that does not perform as intended. If that happens, we will happily give you your money back. You should be careful to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction to our products before using them widely. You agree to use our products at your own risk. We will not pay you beyond the value of the products you purchased if something bad happens as a result of using our products. If you live someplace where it is illegal to limit our liability, hopefully, you will be reasonable.

Intellectual Property

We came up with some cool things and ideas to make our company. These things and ideas are ours, not yours. If you want to use them, ask us first. If your request is reasonable, we will probably let you use them, but get it from us in writing first. We have logos, pictures, recipes and some written materials. Get it in writing and then give us credit and you’ll be fine.

Products, Warranties, and Delivery

Some of our products are handcrafted. They are in part an art form and thus each batch is unique. Our products should work as intended, but we don’t warranty that they will work exactly the same every time. Sometimes we have to throw out a whole batch of product because it is not right, therefore we cannot always assure you that our products will be available. We will deliver what we have in a timely manner consistent with industry practices.


We won’t share your information with anyone for purposes of marketing, data analytics, or other nefarious purposes. We may be required to share some of your information with our transactional trading partners such as PayPal or Amazon Payments, but this will be specifically authorized by you. You may also choose to share your affiliation with us on your social media accounts, but again this will be with your permission.

Other Stuff

Gritty Soap is a trade name for Ti LeBlanc LLC, a Michigan (USA) based limited liability corporation. If you decide you just have to take legal action against us, you agree to use binding arbitration in the state of Michigan. If you live some place that does not allow us to dictate this, you will need to file in a Michigan court.

If you use our products, services or company property for illegal purposes, you are on your own. We are not responsible, so you cannot drag us into it.